Ventilation, Vapor Barriers, House Wraps

Berlin G. Myers Lumber Corp. is proud to offer the finest building materials.

Ventilation, Vapor Barriers, House Wraps


  • Innovative attic and crawl space ventilation solutions
  • Integrated solution to managing moisture and heat

ScreenShot004Smart Vents

  • Worldwide leading manufacture of foundation flood venting systems
  • Offers a team of trained representatives that will help during the planning of your next flood plain project
  • Engineered openings certified to meet all building codes, FEMA regulations and NFIP Flood Insurance Requirements


  • Widely used as vapor barriers under homes with crawlspaces and on concrete slabs
  • Clear and black colors available
  • Stocked in 4’ – 20’ wide rolls and in lengths ranging from 25’ – 1000’

ScreenShot003Ice and Water Shield

  • Weatherproofing membranes for most exterior applications (roofs, windows, walls, etc.)
  • Available in 6”, 12”, 18”, and 36” widths

ScreenShot002House Wraps

  • Typar House Wrap available in 9’x150’ rolls
  • Cedar Breather 200sf rolls
  • Fortify House Wrap 54”x66’ rolls
  • 15lb and 30lb Felt paper

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